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Dr. Ayodeji Famuyide, PT
Dr. Ayodeji Famuyide, PT

Committed To Physical Therapy Excellence

At Greater Baton Rouge Physical Therapy, we’re here to give you the individualized care, healing, strength and confidence you need to get back to living the kind of life you want.

Our licensed therapists will listen, work with you to determine the goals for your therapy and then we’ll work as a team to help you achieve those goals through personalized, targeted care.

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Dedicated to providing exceptional care and personalized treatment to get you feeling better, faster.

Our Procedures

Physiotherapy procedures help to reduce inflammation, pain and spasms, to promote tissue circulation. These procedures are considered to be a significant part of the treatment of a patient suffering from various ailments, allowing to improve the effect of the treatment, to prevent complications and improve health.

Sports Injuries

Physical therapy can be used to treat many conditions, including the ones caused by active involvement in sports.

Work Injuries

our Physiotherapy Associates team can help you heal, regain strength, mobility and reduce pain.

Chronic Pain

Our goal is to help you feel better physically while making sure you’re comfortable and an active partner throughout your physical therapy treatment.

No Prescription? No Problem.

No prescription? No problem. The ability to visit an orthopedic physical therapist without a physician’s prescription or referral is called Direct Access, and it can get you on a speedier path to recovery.